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KKF brand mainly focus on capture cards, hubs, HDMI splitters, signal devices etc. Intergrated R&D and production, our brand team are professional to provide you solutions and patient to provide you service for customer satisfactions

  • Streams basketball games better than Elgato

    Elgato CamLink would freeze up. This product solved the issue.

    No driver/software annoyances when using with OBS like Elgato CamLink. Literal plugnplay on Windows 10. With the CamLink, I'd end up having to install game capture software to get 1080p.

    This device is a miracle and the quality is just as good as the Elgato CamLink if not better. I'm not sure about the review with one star and I'm not exactly sure how he went about measuring that throughput but 1080p requires 22mbps. Honestly he must've had it hooked into a USB 2 port or his OS selected the wrong driver.

  • Perfect video capture device

    1. If you're not capturing, you still need to power it through USB. I had an HDMI splitter before, it could power itself from HDMI directly, which was nice because you were not required to power computer if you're not capturing.
    2. I have an HDMI switch in front of this device and if I'm not capturing and switch inputs, colors are messed up (I think it's some kind of RGB vs BGR difference). If capturing (as it normally does) it does not have this problem.

    Overall, easy to use high performance (I observed 100+ FPS on my Raspberry Pi) capturing device. Before I used a combination of HDMI splitter + HDMI-to-AV + USB-AV-capture device and although the whole setup costed less. it was a nightmare: lots of space taken, lots of wires, lots of power supplies needed, bad picture quality, high latency.

  • Surprisingly capable!

    This capture card registers as a webcam with audio to the system you plug it into. I use it with OBS and the "preview" feature of that application is just low latency enough to be able to use my PC as a monitor for the capture device. The audio, however, is a bit rougher and generally comes with a delay. I tell Windows I want to "Listen to this device" and the latency isn't too bad, but the listening audio is poor. Ideally, you will want to use the passthrough HDMI and/or a splitter if you want to record without relying on playback features that introduce some level of latency.

    That being said... It captures 1080p HDMI over USB 3.0. I can't complain. Using this, I can somewhat turn my laptop into a monitor for any downstream device. When I don't have a TV handy, I can plug a game console or my raspberry pi to it. It's been very useful.